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Shire Calendar 2022 (7th Age)

ShireCalendar22_1Okładka kalendarza | Calendar’s first page

Mamy 29 stycznia, 2022 roku Siódmej Ery, czyli 5 solmath roku 10839 według Rachuby Shire’u zgodnie z regułami naszego corocznego #ShireCalendar

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Today we have January 29, 2022 of the Seventh Age or Solmath 5, of 10 839 year of the Shire Reckoning according to our #ShireCalendar

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G-i-P Report | Hugo Weaving’s Quenya rap

On the TV program The Late Show with Stephen Colbert we could recently see this fantastic music video, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Have you ever wondered what the rap text by Hugo Weaving (the movie Elrond) looks like in Quenya?

Together with Maciej Garbowski („Arael”) we tried to recreate this text. Here is our suggestion (for exact meaning of Quenya words see here – Parf Edhellen):

Tolkien was so brilliant
Tolkien ane ingolmo

that he created new languages.
i (ya) autanése sinye lambar.

Do other trilogies
Haryar exe nelde-nyarnar

have fully formed languages?
aquacanta lambar? [shouldn’t be aquacantë lamber/lambi?]

Blade? No.
Blade? Ui.

Beverly Hills Cop? Ah ah.
Mahtar Beverly Amboreva?

The Da Vinci Code?
I Da Vinci Sarati?

Dan Brown barely speaks English.
Dan Brown queta véra lamba ve „wehide” [we don’t know how to interpret this – help us]

Yeah! I said this.
Yé! Equen si.

Source: „Colbert’s Lord of the Rings Rap Celebrates 20 Years Of The Greatest Trilogy In Movie History (YouTube)