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G-i-P Report: Tengwar of the IMAX posters

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Let us see the IMAX posters for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey midnight screenings. We have here an unexpected linguistic addition – the title of the movie written with the Tengwar letters as they are described in Appendix E of the LotR. Tolkien explained there was no official mode for using Tengwar with the English language, but on the title of the same book gave and example of an English phrase written with Tengwar. The rules there were the same as for Sindarin, with the Tehtar (representing vowels) placed above the next consecutive Tengwar letter. The creators of the IMAX posters used another mode which is similar to the mode for Quenya. The Tehtar are place above the proceeding consonantal Tengwar letter.

The inscriptions on the posters read:

the hobbit an unexpected journey

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Norandir, dnia 14.12.2012 o godzinie 19:23

But the tehtar are misplaced, all bunched at the beginning of the word

Venea, dnia 13.01.2013 o godzinie 12:38

Hmm a czy ktoś próbował odczytać co pisze w tle tych plakatów?

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