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G-i-P Report: Children of Húrin in Elrond’s Library

This illustration comes from Jude Fisher’s book The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Visual Companion (chapter „The Elves”). It is a manuscript (prepared for the movies by the artist Daniel Reeve) with the Tengwar lettering, but the text is in English (Tengwar mode for English close to the one on the title page of The Lord of the Rings). Our analysis proves it’s a part of The Silmarillion (p. 193-4) [which is very similar to the paragraph in The Children of Húrin, Chapter „The Battle of Unnumbered Tears”] starting with the words

Last of all the eastern force to stand firm were the Dwarves of Belegost…

and ending with

There as the sun westered…

G-i-P stands for Gwaith-i-Phethain, ‘The Fellowship of the Word-smiths’ or the linguistic website devoted to post-Tolkienian constructions in the “reconstructed” languages of Middle-earth [link].

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