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G-i-P: The Puzzle of Thorin’s Key

Source: Earl Carvalho

About another Thrór’s Key we were writing already here. This time we can analyze the runes on probable actual movie prop. As our correspondent Earl Carvalho writes the new item on the Forbidden Planet website looks like Thrór’s Key („Thorin’s Key”) for the movies finally revealed (click the photo). It seems to match the production still in this image (click the second picture).

We might be mistaken, but there seem to be two words in runes that run down the key’s blade. Who first will decipher them?

G-i-P stands for Gwaith-i-Phethdain, ‘The Fellowship of the Word-smiths’ or the linguistic website devoted to post-Tolkienian constructions in the “reconstructed” languages of Middle-earth [link].

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Lothenon, dnia 21.08.2012 o godzinie 16:28

In my opinion it says „Durin” on the left, and „Heir” on the right – in Futhark, that is. I can’t really make out an S to form „Durin’s Heir”, but the intention appears quite obvious.

Earl, dnia 28.08.2012 o godzinie 13:56

You’re doing an awesome job Rich :o)

Galadhorn, dnia 28.08.2012 o godzinie 14:59

Thank you, Earl for encouragement and for the information! :-)

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