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G-i-P report: the teaser runes!

Sources: The Hobbit teaser, The One Ring Forums

Earl Carvalho, a member of TheOneRing.net staff, has informed us about this interesting discussion at The One Ring Forums.

„Demosthenes” from the forum was working on the frame-by-frame of the last Hobbit teaser. When he was drawn to the scene where Gandalf descends (or ascends) inside the hollow tower (in Moria or Dol Guldur?) he has spotted that the door-frame (pillars and lintel) on the extreme right of the shot seemed to be carved with some sort of runes (?). To see these signs click the pictures above. For the discussion on The One Ring Forum see here.

Maybe the friends of G-i-P could help to decipher this inscription and to resolve the mystery of the „hollow tower” in the commentaries?

G-i-P stands for Gwaith-i-Phethdain, ‘The Fellowship of the Word-smiths’ or the linguistic website devoted to post-Tolkienian constructions in the “reconstructed” languages of Middle-earth [link].

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