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G-i-P report: Evangeline Lilly speaks Sindarin!

Sources: Access Hollywood interview, SFX interview


Let us watch and listen to Evangeline Lilly or Tauriel the Silvan Elf in the Hobbit movies. In the interview for Access Hollywood, recorded during the Real Steel premiere, she chats Laura Saltman about filming Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. So, is she worried about how J.R.R. Tolkien fans will take to her character? Plus, Evangeline speaks Sindarin! We’ve tried to decipher these phrases and here it is – the reconstruction of the Sindarin sentences which will be probably used in the Hobbit movie:

(1) Tolo hí! ‚Come down’ (or: ‚Come here’): tolo! ‚come’, sí ‚here’ (lenited hí)
(2) Lyst in saim ‚The cells are empty’: lost ’empty’, in ‚the’ (pl.), sam, pl. *saim ‚chamber, *cell’

[according to „Edhelharn” Lilly actually says Tolo hi! (si < hi ‚now’, cf. edro hi ammen) and Lyst i saim (i < in ‚the pl.’, cf. Echad i Sedryn).]

Evangeline Lilly, who played the role of Kate Austen on Lost, is now living in New Zealand for the duration of Peter Jackson’s dual Hobbit shoots, playing a newly-created character not from the books – Tauriel the Silvan Elf from Mirkwood. In an interview in the SFX magazine Evangeline answered few questions concerning the movie:

Now you’re in New Zealand filming The Hobbit with Peter Jackson. It’s a long commitment which would make some actors balk. Was that a concern?

I will be in and out of New Zealand for the course of a year. It worked out well. For a lot of actors, being that tied down would be problematic for their careers because they wouldn’t have the freedom to take any other part in the meantime. For me it’s perfect because I want to have time to spend with my family and relax and focus on my writing. This role gives me a framework within which to do that because I’m not working all the time but I’m working enough. When you’re not working at all, you get lost in space and time and don’t accomplish anything. It’s a flexible work environment and I don’t have to be estranged from my family.

When you played Kate you were always doing physical scenes and stunts. How are you prepping for The Hobbit?

With every film, you have to educate yourself on the material and it’s often things you don’t know a lot about. Right now I’m studying Elvish and having conversations with people about learning how to be an archer, a swordsperson and how to fight like an elf instead of a gritty convict. [Laughs]

Did you have any reservations about joining The Hobbit cast?

With The Hobbit, it was a no-brainer because I have been a fan of those books since I was 13-years-old.

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10 Komentarzy do wpisu "G-i-P report: Evangeline Lilly speaks Sindarin!"

Hethridu Calengol, dnia 07.10.2011 o godzinie 16:57

Mam nadzieję, że ją wytną

Galadhorn, dnia 07.10.2011 o godzinie 19:43

Kocham ja za Kate w „Lostach” i ciesze sie, ze powstala rola Tauriel. :-)

Drzewiec, dnia 12.10.2011 o godzinie 18:01

Może trochę nie na temat, ale czy ktoś mi wytłumaczy o co chodzi w Lostach xD po wszystkich sezonach zwątpiłem w jakikolwiek sens tego serialu ;P

negatywnie, dnia 13.10.2011 o godzinie 8:45

Ja już przywyklem ze to nie bedzie ekranizajca Hobbita, tylko tak jak wP – film na podstawie ;/.

Morfinnel, dnia 17.10.2011 o godzinie 15:50

Galu, też ją uwielbiam za rolę Kate 😀

A „Lost” miał głębszy sens, choć bardzo trudny do wyłapania. Jeśli ciekawi Cię to jeszcze, Drzewcu, to odsyłam do ostatniego odcinka 6 sezonu, gdzie jest scena z ojcem Jacka, który mówi dosyć ważną kwestię do zrozumienia. Osobiście uważam, że kilka rzeczy w serialu nie trzyma się kupy i ciężko cokolwiek wywnioskować, ale serial super. To tak offtopicowo.

Co do Kate, tfu! – Tauriel, ciekaw jestem, jak ona wypadnie w roli elfki. Bo z urody nawet nawet :)

edhelharn, dnia 30.12.2011 o godzinie 16:20

I think she actually says _Tolo hi_ (_si_ < _hi_ "now", cf. _edro hi ammen_) and _Lyst i saim_ (_i_ < _in_ "the pl.", cf. Echad i Sedryn). 😉

Galadhorn, dnia 30.12.2011 o godzinie 18:51

Edhelharn, thank you. The difference is small but important. Have you found any other examples of the languages of Middle-earth in the upcoming „Hobbit”?

edhelharn, dnia 31.12.2011 o godzinie 15:05

Well, except for some short khuzdul phrases in one of the production videos (maybe in the third one), I haven’t. That’s why I really got excited when I found this video here. At last some „elvish stuff”. :)

By the way, I wonder whether the sentence „Lyst i saim!” will be used in the movie when the elf played by Evangeline Lilly discovers that the Dwarves escaped from Thranduil’s dungeon…

Galadhorn, dnia 04.01.2012 o godzinie 8:45

Edhelharn, I’ve added your analysis to the news. Thanks and I’m looking forward for more. :-)

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