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The sketchbook and the book full of illuminations
The 2009 Tolkien Calendars

Added on Jan 16, 2009 by Galadhorn
Translated by Jarosław „Noatar” Schramel

Though it comes a bit late, we hope you will find these pieces of work quite interesting! The unofficial Tolkien fandom GooldMaggot publishing company has prepared and published two unusual 2009 calendars. You can already buy them in our Tolkienalia online shop; as usual, it is a limited edition.


kalendarz_2009_styThe first one is a Polish-language 2009 Parmadili Calendar. It is an A4 publication with coloured illustrations made by Małgorzata Pudlik, a member of The Tolkien Section of ŚKF (Silesian Fantasy Club). It will help you follow the days of the year as arranged according to the Gregorian calendar, the Calendar of Imladris, the Shire Reckoning, and the New Reckoning of the Reunited Kingdom of King Elessar. For the purpose of this calendar Małgorzata “Marigold” Pudlik has prepared a set of 13 interesting graphics, including beautiful remembrance illustrations of The Lord of the Rings musical that we and “Marigold” had a chance to see in London in the spring of 2008. Ryszard “Galadhorn” Derdziński came up with the idea for the calendar, and did all the editorial work. On the left you can see a sample page of our new calendar. Below you will find its introductory page of the English version calendar.

Introduction (PDF file)

The second publication is called the 2009 Elendilion Calendar, an English-language calendar based on the same rules as the first one. This calendar is offered especially to the collectors and the foreign guests of our website. The aim of our calendar is to help popularize our news website but mostly to remind the Tolkien fandom all over the world of the work of one of the most interesting and original Tolkien artists of the 1990s – Tom Loback. This American artist has sent us his 13 graphics (incl. 10 coloured ones). We are happy to provide you with them as part of our calendar, hoping that the work of the Illuminator of Middle-earth will help you find a path to the land of Tolkien mythos.

We also hope that our 2009 publications will arouse the interest of many Tolkien fans in Poland and abroad. A copy of each of the calendars will be posted to the members of The Tolkien Section of ŚKF as part of their membership fee perks.

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The 2009 Tolkien Calendars"

Peter, dnia 19.01.2009 o godzinie 21:18

I would like to buy the Loback Calendar. What do I do?

Peter Edelberg
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Galadhorn, dnia 19.01.2009 o godzinie 21:39

Peter, I will write to you soon, ok?

Galadhorn, dnia 21.01.2009 o godzinie 11:02

Peter, can you provide me with your email address?

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