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Tolkienian music from Poland

Jacek Wanszewicz is a Polish musician known as the author of very interesting projects based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s works. He pursues radio-plays (for example radio-plays Smaug and Balrog – well known in the Polish fandom), music shows (eg. during Tolk Folks in Bielawa, Lower Silesia). Lately together with other Tolkien’s fans he recorded a CD entitled The Book of Lost Songs. On Hobbiton forum mONA has informed the Polish fans that Wanszewicz’s web site was published in the net. It’s a very intereresting site, which greatest section is download. It contains many megabytes of music (for example a whole show called The Fall of Gondolin from previous Tolk Folk).

Welcome to Jacek Wanszewicz’s website!

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Galadhorn, dnia 27.10.2008 o godzinie 16:11

Nero, thank you very very much. I have made few corrections in your Westron text (sorry 😉 ). I hope the info will be helpful to the fans from all over the Middle-earth. And what about translating the news about the CD „The Book of Lost Songs”?

Nero, dnia 27.10.2008 o godzinie 17:57

No problem, Galadhorn. I wrote this in internet cafe, so I had some mistakes. 😛

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