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G-i-P Report: New lyrics from The Hobbit soundtrack

Source: Earl Carvalho from TORn

The sheet music for some of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey tracks has been released. We can find a few lyrics in Sindarin (translated by David Salo) in the sample pages on Music Notes: A Good Omen and Radagast the Brown. There’s also lyrics for My Dear Frodo, but as the sample has only the first page and the vocals come in much later, you cannot see the lyrics in the sample sheet music. Anyone who purchases these 3 pieces should be able to get a hold of the entire lyrics for them.

There’s also lyrics for Misty Mountains and Song of the Lonely Mountain, but they’re pretty obvious already – English texts are not our concern.

What we can find in the lyrics:

I. The Good Omen

kawleh doo awr thahn neneem vee awl awr heeree ahth nowr raw veal mv…

which corresponds with the known Sindarin lyrics from the LotR (see here):

Orthannen im vi ól
Coll e dû
Or hiriath naur
Na rovail mae sui ‚waew
Man prestant i ardhon?
Cerithar aen illiad dim úthenin?

‚In a dream I was lifted up. / Borne from the darkness / Above the rivers of fire. / On wings doft as the wind. /What’s happened to the world? / Is everything sad going to come untrue?’

II. Radagast the Brown

men aw ed ven aw gah lahd vawss
ee lye cie le em men aw leem

which corresponds with the known Sindarin lyrics (see here):

Meno, edveno
O galad vos i lais
Lim, meno lim
Na fuin, trí dhuaith …

‘Go, go forth / from [the] light soft [of] the leaves /Lightly, go lightly /to [the] nightshade, through dark-shadow’

G-i-P stands for Gwaith-i-Phethain, ‘The Fellowship of the Word-smiths’ or the linguistic website devoted to post-Tolkienian constructions in the “reconstructed” languages of Middle-earth [link].

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Erunis, dnia 10.01.2013 o godzinie 11:09

Lyrics of The Good Omen are from The Eagles featured in The End of All Things (RotK):

Coll e dû
Orthannen im vi ól
Or hiriath naur

Strider, dnia 10.01.2013 o godzinie 12:17

Like I already said on Facebook, „The Good Omen” is actually „The Eagles” from ROTK. :)
Coll e dú
Orthannen im vi ôl
Or hiriath naur
Na rovail mae…

Galadhorn, dnia 10.01.2013 o godzinie 14:01

Eglerio! Le hannon, Erunis ah Randireth :-)

Galadhorn, dnia 10.01.2013 o godzinie 15:13

I have added the information from you.

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