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G-i-P Report: Khuzdûl „Word of the Month”
and Dwalin’s runes

Earl Carvalho, our friend from TheOneRing.net reports that the latest Warner Bros. movie newsletter has a Dwarvish „Word of the Month”. It’s Neo-Khuzdûl belgond ‚pledge’ (Polish ‚zastaw; gwarancja; zobowiązanie’). It’s probably a neologism adapted by David Salo that will be used somewhere in the films… something like the Dwarves’ pledge to regain their treasure and their Kingdom from Smaug.

Earl writes also about Dwalin’s tattoos: on his head, Dwalin has some tattoos that seem to resemble the Dwarven art, maybe even a kind of the runes. In addition to the tattoos on his head (which are quite easy to spot), there seem to be inscriptions on his axe as well. On the left there is an image from one of the production vlogs where you can see the axe runes.

The first one seems to be Angerthas rune <u>. The second may be <ch> (see Appendix E in The Return of the King). Maybe you can help us to decipher the rest of them and to find the meaning of Dwalin’s tatoo?

It’s the belgond of the Fellowship of the Word-smiths to find as many linguistic details in the upcoming movies as possible. Help us to write new reports and to decipher our puzzles.

G-i-P stands for Gwaith-i-Phethdain, ‘The Fellowship of the Word-smiths’ or the linguistic website devoted to post-Tolkienian constructions in the “reconstructed” languages of Middle-earth [link].

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and Dwalin’s runes"

kandral, dnia 04.04.2012 o godzinie 7:38

The Runes seen on the axe most left in the picture, seem to state „U” (AMrune42)/ „J” (AMrune29)/ „L” (AMrune31) in Angerthas Moria.

It is more difficult to make out the rest of the runes it seems.

Marc Zender, dnia 30.05.2012 o godzinie 3:22

Actually, belgond ‚pledge’ seems to be a word from the „Dwarvish language” of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance books. It’s not a Khuzdul word, and I doubt it’s in the movie. My guess is that someone found it online and just put it in the Warner Bros movie newsletter, probably not realizing that there were different types of „Dwarvish” out there.

It’s actually worth noting that the form belgond would be a bit odd for a Khuzdul word. The mid back rounded vowel o and final -nd are both rather rare in Khuzdul from Tolkien’s hand. As such, I doubt David Salo would have used such features in his Neo-Khuzdul (he certainly doesn’t in the forms he created for the previous films).

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