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G-i-P Report: Hobbit‘s Quenya, Orkish and Khuzdûl!

Source: tolkien.hu

We present the Quenya, Khuzdûl and Black Speech dialogs from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie as they were presented on the Tolkien.hu forum. The Orkish is presented here in its Northern dialect – according to David Salo on TheOneRing.net this Neo-Orkish language borrowed words from Dwarves, Men, and even Elves of the Northern regions of Rhovanion. Together with the Sindarin dialogs (see here) these dialogs were created by David Salo, the movie language specialist. The dialogs are presented in the order of appearance.

[Thorin at Bag End :]
Shazara! ‘Silence!’ (Khuzdûl)

[Thorin at Bag End:]
Du Bekâr! Du Bekâr! ‘To arms! To arms!’ (Khuzdûl)

[Ork scout in the night:]
[...] ‘Send word to the others… we have found the Dwarf-scum’ (missing Black Speech phrase)

[Radagast's spells (seem not to be full):]
Sí a hlare ómaquettar ‘Now hear words of my voice’ (Quenya)
Lerya laman naiquentallo ‘Free [the] animal from curse’ (Quenya)
Na coilerya en-vinyanta ‘Be its life renewed’ (Quenya)

[Yazneg, the warg-rider:]
[...] ‘The Dwarves are headed East’ (missing Black Speech phrase)

[Thorin, escaping:]
Ithrikî! ‘Steady!’ (Khuzdûl)

[Lindir in Sindarin - see here]

[Thorin in Rivendell:]
Ifridî bekâr! ‘Ready weapons!’ (Khuzdûl)

[Gandalf in Sindarin - see here]

[Elrond in Sindarin - see here]

[Yazneg on Weathertop:]
Khozdayin… Dorguz… zuranimid ‘The Dwarves… Master – we lost them’ (BS)
Shugi golgai gelnakhanishim ‘Ambushed by Elvish filth, we were…’ (BS)

[Azog to Yazneg on Weathertop:]
Sha nargiz ob-hakhtil… ‘I don’t want excuses…’ (BS)
Nargiz khobdi… Rani Khozdil! ‘I want the head of the Dwarf King!’ (BS)

[Yazneg to Azog on Weathertop:]
Murganish dum… ‘We were outnumbered…’ (BS)
Turim hag shad ‘There was nothing we could do’ (BS)
Zorzor go-kairaz obguraniz ‘I barely escaped with my life’ (BS)

[Azog on Weathertop, first to Yazneg, then to Fimbul:]
Ki go-kairag baganig. Ombar bunish! ‘Better you had paid with it’ (BS)
Khozd-shrakhun gud sha kilyash-zag ‘The Dwarf scum will not stay hidden for long’ (BS)
Giryashi taryash kirgayil ‘They will try to cross the Mountain passes’ (BS)
Zidgar obod tung nash ru khobdud. ‘Send out word… there is a price on their heads’ (BS)

[Galadriel in Sindarin - see here]

[Gandalf in Sindarin - see here]

[Galadriel in Sindarin - see here]

[Thorin in the dungeons:]
Udâmai! ‘Comrades!’ (Khuzdûl)

[Azog in the dungeons:]
[...] ‘The scent is fresh. They have taken the Mountain pass’ (missing dialog in BS)

Nuzdigid? Nuzdi gast ‘Do you smell it? The scent of fear’ (BS)
Ganzilig-i unarug obod nauzdanish ‘I remember your father reeked of it’ (BS)
Torin undag Train-ob ‘Thorin son of Thrain’ (BS)
Kod ‘That one’ (BS)
Toragid biriz ‘Bring him to me’ (BS)
Worori-da ‘Kill the others!’ (BS)
Sho gad adol! ‘Drink their blood!’ (BS)
Biriz torag khobdudol! ‘Bring me his head! (BS)

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Telperion, dnia 06.01.2013 o godzinie 11:16

Fantastic work!

Galadhorn, dnia 06.01.2013 o godzinie 11:27

All thanks should be sent to our Hungarian brothers! I hope now it will be easier to analyze these phrases. Especially interesting is the Orkish language. So many words, constructions and idioms.

Balthasar, dnia 10.01.2013 o godzinie 18:10

You might consider:

[Thorin at Bag End :]
Atkât! ‘Silence!’ (Khuzdûl)

instead of

[Thorin at Bag End :]
Shazara! ‘Silence!’ (Khuzdûl)

(Someone else pointed this out to me. It sounds correct to me)

J, dnia 11.01.2013 o godzinie 18:12

I believe Thorin speaks a line in Khuzdul during the Battle of Azanulbizar, when the orcs haul Azog back into Moria. Do you have any translation for it?

Balthasar, dnia 11.01.2013 o godzinie 23:51

To me it sounds a bit like:
Baruk Khazâd! ( Axes of the Dwarves! )
Du Bekâr! ( To arms! )

But I’m not a linguist.

Erunis, dnia 16.01.2013 o godzinie 22:55

I am pretty sure Radagast says something more in his healing spell.

At first he says “Lerya laman naiquentallo” [not sure if these are the right words, it sound to me more like "lerya lahman naiquentalio] and then he clearly says “celva melde”.

After that he continues (2x) “Sí a hlare ómaquettar [though it sounds like "a hlar"]. Na coilerya en-vinyanta.”

It does not make any sense to me, but I hope it will help someone else.

Merry, dnia 08.02.2013 o godzinie 0:29

What is Thorin yelling in Erebor when Smaug attacks?

Stephen, dnia 30.11.2013 o godzinie 1:17

What is Azog’s first line in the movie? It sounds to me like ‘Gorog’ or ‘Gorja’ but I have no idea what that would mean.

G.Marconi, dnia 02.01.2014 o godzinie 15:57

About Neo-Khuzdûl:
1) When Elrond arrives to Rivendell your transcription of Thorin’s words is “Ifridî bekâr!”, translated as “Ready weapons!”.
Well, if “ready”, and I ask, is a transitive verb (synonymous of “prepare”), shouldn’t the correct pronunce be
““Ifrid ib-bekâr!”?
This, basing on Salo’s structure as here illustrated:

[...]The prefix is (in theory) id-, and appears as such before a word beginning with a vowel (e.g. id-urus “the fire”) but it appears assimilated to following stops, e.g. ib-bekâr “the weapons.” Whether it assimilates to other types of consonants I’m not yet sure; probably it does assimilate to nasals (m, n) but not to liquids or glides (l, r, y).!”[...]

I’ve listened many times, but not even then I’m sure about the exact spelling of Armitage.

2) At Azanubilzar, while the Orcs are carrying Azog away, we can hear Thorin cry out something near to
¿“mim nu tarâg.(?) Du bekâr!”.
It seems to me that also the Dwarrow Scholar noticed it. Well, we suppose two different and possible translation, nothing more that simple speculations without accurancy.

*”tarâg” can be both “beards” and an epithet for “(Sirin)-tarâg”, the Longbeards.
* Can “mim” have any connection with the Petty-Dwarf of Tùrin’s tale? If it’s the case, well maybe it is a participial form for “folded, bent, curved”, ’cause even between the Khazâd those were considered wizen.

And these are our translations:
1 – “No more curved on the beards, to arms!”
2 – “No more rolled, (Long)beards! To arms!”

Phrases intended to call the Dwarves to the victory.

3) Orkish, at Azanubilzar: just barely before Azog fights Thròr, which phrase is also the first in the trilogy pronounced in Black Speech, to me sounds:


We have a speculation for this one too. It’s based on the this post in Salo’s blog:
wherein he selects the stem “guru-” for the Proto-Orkish, with the meaning of “die”. If this verb is made with neo-Khuzdûl contaminations, then it isn’t absurd the conjugation with the vocal change in “a”.
Couldn’t it be something like
“Die/You will die.” (to Thròr) or
“You all will die”. ?

Emrhys, dnia 23.01.2014 o godzinie 4:34

You will all die would be :
Goryagug if im not mistaken
so it is possible
(c.f Salo’s blog post on orkish lexicon)

Emrhys, dnia 24.01.2014 o godzinie 4:03


(Just after Azog story by Balin)
Zidgar durgim (inform our master)
Khozd-buzbi gimanim (We’ve found the dwarf-maggot)

(at Amon Sûl)
Khozdayin durguz, zuranimid
(The dwarves, master we lost them)
Shugi golgai gelnakhanishim (The elves-filth surrounded us)

Shâ nargiz obhakhtil (I don’t want excuses)
Nargiz khobdi rani khozdil (I want the head of the dwarf king)

Murganish dum turim hag shad
(They outnumbered us to the end (completly?)
(we could do nothing (although its can not could, typo?))
Zorzor go-kairaz obguraniz (I hardly escaped with my life)

Ki go-kairag baganig ombar BUNISH!
(If you had paid with your life, it would be better)
Khozd-sharkun gud shâ kilyash-zag
(The dwarves will not hide themselves for long)
Giryashi taryash kirgayil (cut from the scene?)
(They will try to cross the mountain passes)
Zidgar obod tung nash ru khobdud!
(inform (about it?) there is a price on their head!)

(Azog on the track)
Nuzdun gin nash (the scent is fresh)
Khozd-shrakun ord?… kirg(?) arnush?
(I asked Salo about this part im can’t get it…ill have the answer soon)

(after the compagny escaped goblintown)
Gurid dum (Kill them to the end (to the last of them i guess))
Ragshi Shirzlum (Tear them piece by piece)

(When the dwarves are in trees safe)
Nuzdigid? Nuzdi gast (Do you smell it, the scent of fear)
Ganzil i unarug obod nauzdanish
(I remember that your father reeked of it)
Thorin undag Thrain (Thorin spawn of Thrain)
Kod toragid biriz (That one, bring him to me)
?? ?? guri ! (kill the other)
Shog agradol (drink their blood)
Biriz torag khobdudol (Bring [to] me his head)

Emrhys, dnia 24.01.2014 o godzinie 4:05


Lioness, dnia 13.02.2014 o godzinie 3:10

…wait which dungeons?

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