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G-i-P Report: They wrote about us…

Book: The Frodo Franchise. ‚The Lord of the Rings’ and Modern Hollywood
Author: Kristin Thompson
Publisher: University of California Press, 2007
Page: 95 and note: 28

„(…) Predictably, websites sprang up to record and translate these passages into Elvish, with participants in the project using the pause buttons on their DVDs and also production photos such as the ones reproducted on pages 50 and 52 of Weapons and Warfare. There are at last two such websites. Salo brought the whole thing full circle by contacting one of the sites and providing the original Elvish text. It’s likely that some of the participants in the project were disappointed when he did.”

And note:

„See Galadhorn, „Mazarbul Wall Inscriptions: Languages in the Lord of the Rings Movies” (n.d.): http://home.planet.nl/~raas0056/mazarbul/ , and links in Ryszard Derdzinski, „Other Inscriptions” (n.d.): www.elvish.org/gwaith/movie_otherinscr.htm . Salo’s contribution is linked on the latter page as „Gabil gund Mazarbul” (30 Nov. 2002).

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