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Silmarillion Writers’ Guild fifth birthday

Silmarillion Writers’ Guild obchodzi swoje piąte urodziny i zaprasza fanów Silmarillionu do współuczestniczenia w obchodach poprzez prezentację własnej twórczości. (więcej w języku angielskim).

The Silmarillion Writers’ Guild celebrates their fifth birthday this year and invites all Silmarillion fans to join the celebration with their art and writing: Five years ago, Dawn and Uli invited all of their fandom friends to their new group, the Silmarillion Writers’ Guild. The SWG was originally intended as a discussion group and writers’ workshop for authors of Silmarillion-based writing, but it has grown well beyond our initial hopes and is now one of the most respected Tolkien archives on the web. In honor of the many members, mods, and volunteers whose hard work and talents have brought us to where we are today, our fifth birthday will look back and look forward, to what we have accomplished and what inspiration still lies within.

There will be two major components of our birthday celebration, themes and tokens. Members are welcome and encouraged to participate in one or both!

How to join the celebration? Details are on the birthday page.

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