Aktualności ze świata miłośników twórczości Tolkiena

Tolkien’s Pinus Nigra sapling now in Poland!

During our spring 2008 visit to Oxford (which is fully described here in Polish), we and other Tolkien fans visited the city’s Botanic Garden and collected cones, which lay at the base of the trunk of the famous Black Pine (Pinus Nigra); it was against that tree that Professor Tolkien was leaning, as shown in his last known photograph. We have excellent news for Polish Tolkien fans: the seedlings of this pine (grown from its cones), being saplings of the famous Tolkien tree, are now in Poland! Celebriane, one of the members of our expedition to England, has since been trying to grow seedlings from the seeds of the pine and … it worked! Thanks to help from the forest manager for the Forestry Commission of Zwierzyniec (Maków Commune, Łódź Province), it was with great effort that 4-7 seedlings of the noble tree were grown; we may soon see some of their photos. In spring, it will be possible to replant one of the seedlings and find a new spot for it.

And now we have a question to you, Dear Readers of Elendilion: where you think we could plant a seedling of the Black Pine – a sapling of Tolkien’s tree? Can you think of any place where we could have a meeting and plant that seedling together?

Translated by Jaroslaw „Noatar” Schramel

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