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In remembrance of Professor Mroczkowski

mroczkowscyI’ve only learned about Przemysław Mroczkowski, an outstanding medievalist and professor of English studies, thanks to this entry (by Richard „Galadhorn” Derdzinski). I must admit that I have heard about him before, but it was not until now that I actually went into details of his biography, which I could read on Parmadili website. And since I’m very fortunate to be a resident of Cracow, I decided to visit his gravesite and light a candle on it in the name of Polish Tolkien fans, and also to take some pictures.

As already written by Galadhorn, Professor Mroczkowski is buried at the Rakowicki Cemetery (Section LXXXIX, Row 18, Number 2). Thanks to an online gravesite locator, it was not that difficult to find the spot, although the Cemetery has a very poor section location system; that’s why it took me a good deal of walking to find the one I needed.

The Professor’s grave is situated right by Bishop Prandota Street. It is a simple grave, like many others. Together with our outstanding medievalist are buried his two close relatives – Janina and Feliks Mroczkowski.

Let us remind you that Professor Mroczkowski is dear to Polish Tolkien fans on account of his friendship with Tolkien himself. He had many a chance to go to the Inklings meetings and talk to Professor Tolkien. Their acquaintance is also well-documented in some of Tolkien’s letters.

You can find more photos on my blog.

Translated by Jaroslaw „Noatar” Schramel

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