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Tolkien and distributists

Let us start with a simple definition of the key term:

Distributism is a political doctrine which rejects both monopoly capitalism and socialism of the all-powerful state (communism), perceived as the systems that are equally restrictive as far as people’s individualism and ownership are concerned. It calls for the establishment of the prosperity society by promoting public ownership in the fields of industry, trade and agriculture. The doctrine was formulated by such conservative thinkers as Gilbert Keith Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc who were greatly influenced by Catholic social teaching (articulated in Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum).

Many of the Tolkien scholars (among others Joseph Pearce) remarked that Tolkien – a great admirer of journalism of Chesterton, and a devout Catholic – had demonstrated many of the distributist ideas in his description of the economy and society of the Shire, and also of other free countries of Middle-earth. (Concerning the influence of Chesterton on Tolkien’s life and works click here).

We are glad to provide you with information about Tolkien-related topics to be found in the distributist bulletin The ChesterBelloc Mandate, where you will find an excellent interview with a Tolkien’s biographer, Joseph Pearce, entitled Small is still beautiful.

Translated by Noatar
Polish version from 12 September 2008 here

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