Aktualności ze świata miłośników twórczości Tolkiena

News from Bielawa, the town of Tolk Folk

It all began with a play. Its author, Adam “Lord Ya” Kuziów, would put it on together with a group of his friend-actors in local theatres, cinemas, and during outdoor events. The play is entitled Do Rivendell i bez powrotu (To Rivendell and not back again)… The full text of the play can be found in the e-book series Biblioteczka Elendilich (The Elendili Library, no. 3, with very interesting illustrations in PDF format). If you are interested in the presentation of the whole series of Adam’s plays, and the discussion on it you will find both in The Elendili Forum, in this topic. As for another part of the series mentioned, we wrote about it here.

Then, during one of the Tolk Folk meetings traditionally held in Bielawa an idea came up to film that particular play. Afterwards the idea was put into effect, and so a movie with the same title as the play – Do Rivendell i bez powrotu – was shot. The Tolk Folk website has kept us informed about the successive stages of the film production. At the end of September 2007 the shooting was over. October met us with the film being edited, continuing with the soundtrack being worked on the next month, which is expected to come to an end in December. The organizer of Tolk Folk meetings, a Śląkfa prize-winner Jarek “Elek” Florczak informed us today that the film crew had just dealt with the so-called “sub-synchro”, that is sound synchronization of the voice parts. The producers are doing their best to make it possible for the To Rivendell and not back again movie to be premiered on 3 January 2009, the date marking the anniversary of Tolkien’s birth. Of course there were some problems during the shooting, but we’re all keeping our fingers crossed and are sure that we will be able to watch the movie in Bielawa precisely on the 117th anniversary of Professor Tolkien’s birth. In the meantime you can visit The Tolk Folk website to find some camerawork of the movie. Two pieces of it have actually appeared in this topic…

We’ve got another important piece of news concerning the next year’s 11th Tolk Folk meeting: Elek has told us that the meeting will in all probability take place between 9th and 12th July 2009.

Translated by Noatar

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