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Arda Philology 1 is being published

The first volume of Arda Philology, containing the proceedings of Omentielva Minya in Stockholm August 2005, is now being printed. More information is at Arda Philology website , where you can also order it online.

The volume from the first conference contains seven papers:

  • Petri Tikka: The Finnicization of Quenya
  • Nils-Lennart Johannesson: Quenya, the Black Speech and the Sonority Scale
  • Susanne Vejdemo: Tolklangs in the „Real” World
  • Magnus Åberg: An Analysis of Dwarvish, with an appended Khuzdul glossary
  • Bertrand Bellet: Vowel Affection in Sindarin and Noldorin
  • Måns Björkman: The Scripts of Aman
  • Christopher Gilson: „Namárië” and the Lexicon of Quenya

It will be printed in time for Omentielva Tatya. The authors and all who registered for Omentielva Minya will receive a copy. For others, the price will be 90 Swedish crowns (10 euro). Postage is additional.

Source: Lambengolmor, post by Anders „Beregond” Stenström

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Galadhorn, dnia 03.08.2007 o godzinie 9:09

I have already ordered it. Let me wait till the end of August. :)

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