Aktualności ze świata miłośników twórczości Tolkiena

Snapshots from the Polish Fandom’s Summertime

The most important event in Tolkienian Poland this summer was the 9th Tolk Folk, the annual Tolkien festival in Bielawa, Lower Silesia, Poland. Waiting for the English translation of the festival report we want to inform you that the event was gorgeous, splendid, and magnificent! Famous Tolkienian musician Adam Klein was the guest of honour, and the event was full of his music. The main part was the reconstruction of the Siege of Gondolin with Polish and Czech participants. Looking for photos and films from Tolk Folk? See here (Marigold’s films and pics), here (Telperion’s pics), here (Elendili) and here (Hobbiton).

Another event is the publication of the newest issue of Aiglos, the publication of Parmadili or Polish Tolkien Society (or Tolkien Section of the Silesian SF&F Club). Its No. 8 is full of very professional and interesting texts by the leading Polish Tolkienists. Polish news about the Aiglos with the cover-picture is here.

Absolutely fantastic information is about the private edition of the Narn e·’Rach Morgoth by five Polish tolkienists. This not-for-publication book is the alternative to the official The Children of Húrin. The Polish book contains more material from the HoMe (eg. The Wanderings of Húrin), better genealogies, better maps (with footpaths of the main characters) and wonderful graphics by Kasiopea and Avari. Polish news about this edition can be found here.

Summertime Elendilion also presents news about the return of Tolkien’s beloved Catholic Mass in Latin in pre-Vaticanum Secundum rite, about the dangerous rains in Tolkien’s England (especially in Oxfordshire), about new graphics by Kasiopea (know also as Katarzyna Karina Chmiel), about Galadhorn’s Tolkienian impressions from his travel to Iceland (with photos) etc.

Welcome to Elendilion. Even you can be our newsman! If you want to create your own news in English at Elendilion, please contact me: galadhorn (at) tlen.pl

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Bonnie Hady, dnia 31.07.2007 o godzinie 20:16

Dear Pan Derdzinski : I want to tell you that I greatly admire your scholarship in all things Middle Earth. (I wish that I could converse/correspond with you in Polish! But my Polish has faded away.) Your web-site is wonderful. I only have access to computer at work, so I can only visit your site during my lunch hour. I am very impressed with all the wonderful work that you have accomplished.

J.R.R.T. said that the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland was his inspiration for Rivendell. And that Minas Tirith was based on Le Mont St Michel in France. I have also often thought that J.RR.T. took much of his inspiration for Middle Earth in things and places that are Polish. Being a good Catholic Boy, and being raised by Jesuits, I believe that he might have been introduced to the works of Henryk Sienkiewicz. He could have read both „Quo Vadis” and The Trilogy – these books were very popluar in his youth. I see the Riders of Rohan as the Polish Knights. (After all, we Poles ARE the Horse Lords.) I see Lake Town as Biskupin. (It was being excavated right up to the beginning of WW II.) I see Fangorn Forest as Bialowieza Puszcza. I see Moria as Wieliczka.

And maybe my thoughts are not all „wishful thinking”. But as I do not have any friends who are knowledgeable about both Middle Earth and Poland, I thought I would share my ideas with you. Have ever thought that perhaps such a connection to Poland might have been possible?


Bonnie Hady
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Galadhorn, dnia 01.08.2007 o godzinie 17:56

Dear Bonnie,
So nice to hear from you. You are really kind. I haven’t deserved these compliments. You are right that we can find many similarities between Middle-earth and Poland. The Rohan Riders at Pelennor Fields are so much like Polish hussars at Vienna Siege in 1683 etc. But I worry it is only coincidence. Every nation can find some similarities to its history, its country and nature in J.R.R.T.’s works. It is because his literature is so universal and touches common problems and feelings of the Men. Tolkien had read a lot and his mythopoeic mind was like a big melting pot.

Please write more about yourself, Bonnie. I understand from your post that your family comes from Poland, doesn’t it? So nice to read your post at our website. Come back to us as frequently as you can. You can also visit English sub-forum at Elendili Forum: http://www.elendili.pl/viewforum.php?f=22

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