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Irish radio discusses Children of Hurin in typical Irish fashion…

I know there were many radio shows about the latest of Tolkien’s publishinings, The Children of Hurin, but I was surprised when I came across one on the main Irish radio network, RTÉ (Radio Telefis Eireann). It is an interview by Dave Fanning with Professor Terry Dolan (University College Dublin) and Allan Corr (RTÉ) mainly about the new book, but also a few interesting facts about Tolkien himself and Tolkien connections. For example, did you know that Tolkien influenced numerous 1970’s progrock bands or that he married his wife because she spoke a specific Birmingham dialect?

The interview is not overly-academic – it remains light-hearted and easy with the added insight of Professor Dolan who has previously interviewed Christopher Tolkien and remains a devout scholar of Tolkein and his works. It is also warm as it follows the typical Irish humour (at least I think so) and offers a refreshing take on Tolkien. Have a listen for yourself and let me know your thougths as I’m interested to hear from you. To listen, just click here (p.s. you need Real Player to access it).

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